Hole in the Wall II

$950 / R12995

7th - 11th June, 2017 / Fully Booked

Hole in the Wall II

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As SA braces for winter, we’ll be escaping to the balmy wild coast to capture one of SA’s most iconic landscapes. Expect colourful sunrises, pleasant temperatures and evening braais with wine and crayfish.

Most folks are familiar with the great freestanding wall, but few realise that it’s surroundings are just as important. Hole in the Wall is situated in a river mouth and surrounded by a myriad of fantastic foregrounds that can keep any photographer indefinitely
entertained. One can get a high vantage point from the hills, or one can head down and choose between pebbles, rock shelves, a flat reflective beach, forests or aloes as a foreground. Over 4 days we will get to know this landscape intimately while we capture it from various angles and in various conditions.

Visiting at the right time of the year is a critical factor for a photographic trip to the wild coast - both for daylight hours and season. As we’ll be visiting close to winter solstice, the shooting hours will be easy - During our stay the sun will rise at 7am and set at 5pm, allowing enough time to rest between shoots. Summer months are too rainy and autumn too unpredictable. In winter the weather is a stable balance of sunny days mixed with cloud. Please download the PDF itinerary for this tour linked top right of this page to read more about this workshop.

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