Capture Kogelbay 2017

$1130 / R14995

10th - 14th May, 2017 / Fully Booked

Capture Kogelbay 2017

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Join us for what promises to be an enjoyable and exciting learning experience at South Africa's Nr.1 seascape location. This idyllic bay between Gordons Bay and Rooiels is without a doubt one of South Africa's most beautiful and photogenic locations due to a myriad of circumstances. The Kogelberg mountains always make a perfect primary diagonal through the frame, the bay is completely shielded from wind, it's easily accessible and situated at an angle to the sun that is very easy to expose. Under the ideal conditions Kogelbay produces exceptional photos and that is what we'll be hoping for during this 4-day course.

Kogelbay was Hougaard's learning ground in his early years of landscape photography and to this day remains his all-time favourite place to shoot. He knows every rock, every bay and how the tides and weather affect this location under any conditions. If there's anyone who can help you get a 10/10 Kogelbay shot, it's him. We have been wanting to do a workshop at Kogelbay for many years, but there has never decent accommodation available in Gordons Bay, Rooiels or Bettys Bay. Fortunately there is now a lovely guest house just around the corner, where we'll be residing for the four days and doing our presentations and editing sessions. For dinners we'll go to a different restaurant in the Gordon's Bay/Somerset West area every evening and there will probably be some good wine involved!

This workshop will only accept 4 participants, to keep the experience relaxing and intimate and to allow each participant plenty of one-on-one attention from the guide. This also makes the workshop material and schedule very flexible and thus we are happy to accept anyone from absolute beginners to absolute masters. Our syllabus on seascape photography is highly adaptable and we mould it to suit each participant at a level that they are comfortable with. This workshop will cover all or parts of the following, according to the participants' needs

  • Understanding Exposure - We shoot only in manual mode during the workshop
  • Applying Shutterspeed Creatively to the Ocean - Getting the perfect amount of blur in the waves
  • Composition - How to nail those iconic shots and how to find your own
  • Graduated ND Filter Systems - How and when to use it to improve your seascapes
  • Long Exposure Photography - How and when to use ND filters
  • The Weather - Getting to know the clouds and how to make optimal use thereof
  • RAW Editing - Getting the most out of a RAW file
  • Advanced Editing - Doing advanced enhancement of your images using Nik Color Efex Pro

Photographers of any level are welcome on this workshop. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

*A graduated ND filter system (preferably Lee Filters) is an absolute must for seascape photography. To make the most of this workshop, we strongly recommend that you aquire a set, even if only a very basic one. Please contact us if for advice on this matter.

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