Cape Town School of Landscape Photography 2018

$650 / R7995

8th - 11th August, 2018 / Available

Cape Town School of Landscape Photography 2018

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Landscape photography is one of the most vast and technical genres within the photography world, but If you can conquer all it’s challenges then it is definitely one of the most rewarding ones. Most people, however, find it very difficult to make real progress with their landscapes as they don’t know how or where to start learning. The vast amount of knowledge needs to be approached systematically, practically and with enough time to practice and absorb all the information and techniques. This is where most learners and teachers go wrong.


The conventional approach to learning landscape photography is to travel to an iconic destination at great expense, get up every morning at 4am, run around trying to compose an unfamiliar landscape and then try to cram tired minds full of information in the gaps in between. We’ve seen time and time again that it doesn’t work and recently started searching for an alternative solution to teaching landscape photography.

We don’t simply want to take people to destinations and help them get the shots they want by holding their hand every step of the way. We want to arm our students with the knowledge and skills to be able to get top class landscape shots without our assistance. We want to offer them convenient, affordable and long-lasting education. We believe that the solution is to split the education and the travel -


  • When investing valuable time and money in travelling, you should already be a competent landscape photographer. 
  • Golden light should be spent shooting, the morning and afternoon scouting for compositions, and the remaining time for basic human necessities like resting and refuelling.
  • If everyone going on a workshop/tour is at the same skill level, then everyone grows and learns together. If everyone is at a different level, then it’s like a car with four wheels all trying to go in different directions - we want to get all attendees of our tours on the same level of proficiency. 


  • Should be done in a relaxed and conducive environment with enough time to absorb everything taught.
  • Can be done at minimal cost in and around one of the most photogenic cities on earth - Cape Town.
  • Will arm you with knowledge and skills that will forever benefit your photography and every single trip that you invest your valuable time and money in.

By splitting the two, you will get much more value for your time and money and you are guaranteed to grow faster, so you can see and shoot more.


This course is our new offering - the result of splitting the education from the travel in order to offer you the best possible value for your money, and more importantly, your time.  From 2017, we will be offering a theory-focused course over 4 days that will deal with every single crumb of information you need to know to become a master landscape photographer. We will help you lay the right foundation of basic knowledge of things like aperture and image quality and we’ll build that all the way to subjects like exposure-bracketing, filter use and luminosity blending. All topics will be covered with enough time to understand the lessons learned and we’ll apply it on shoots around the landscapes of Cape Town.


As with most advanced subjects, frequent practice is key to maintaining your knowledge and skills. One of the great challenges for me was figuring out how I can keep my students shooting-fit without incurring any major expense to them or me and I believe that I’ve come up with a neat solution.

All people that are booked on a future course/tour with CapturEarth or have attended one in the past will become a member of our exclusive Landscape Club. Via an invite-only Facebook group, we will organise frequent shooting opportunities around the Cape and further afield. On such outings, Hougaard will provide basic oversight as well as advice and guidance according to your personal requirements. This club will offer you the opportunity to keep your skills honed, shoot in the safety of a group and benefit from Hougaard’s knowledge of SA’s best locations and weather - at no cost.

We will also encourage our clients to go hiking by organising free trips to locations like the Wolfberg Arch in the Cedarberg and the Amphitheater in the Drakensberg.


We put careful consideration into choosing a venue and decided on Palm House Guesthouse in Wynberg. It is centrally located and thus easy for all Capetonians to reach. There is enough safe parking and they have a comfortable and spacious conference space.

Everything taught during the course will be provided to you in highly detailed notes that are professionally designed. You will also receive cheat-sheets with all they key information taught in each module. To see the course content, please download the PDF itinerary top right and browse to page 7.

This page offers brief and condensed information on this tour. Please download the detailed PDF itinerary by clicking the blue download button to the right of this page.