Intimate Namibia 2017 (Archive)

$7500 / R115000

1st - 16th March, 2017 / Fully Booked

Intimate Namibia 2017 (Archive)

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Far at the Southern tip of the African continent lies a fascinating, beautiful and truly peculiar place – The Namibian Desert

Situated on the arid west coast of Southern Africa, it features some of the world’s most impressive desert landscapes. From dead trees still standing after a 1000 years without water, the abandoned site of one of the greatest diamond rushes in human history and one of the most exclusive and unique reserves in Africa - there will be no shortage of astounding landscapes to photograph.

Namibia is a massive, desolate landscape that boasts the title of the 4th least populated country in the world. With an average distance between towns of 200km, its endless vistas will be permanently etched into your soul. The Namib Desert is one of the oldest landscapes on earth and it features some truly astounding fauna and flora like the Oryx and the Quiver Tree. The landscape varies greatly from South to North as well as West to East. It constantly changes from endless dunes to arid savannah to dramatic mountain ranges. During our tour we will be doing a circuit through the Southern half of this unique country, visiting and photographing a great variety of what Namibia has to offer.

Join us for an opportunity to experience and photograph these one of a kind landscapes under top professional guidance, from the ground, road and air.

*We visit Namibia in low season in order to avoid the crowds - This has several benefits, but the compromise we make is putting up with extreme heat (30-42 degrees centigrade), which is not for everyone. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

  • Ultimate convenience - All you have to do is pack your bags and book your plane tickets.
  • Photographic Paradise - Sixteen days of photography in some of the world’s most unique landscapes.
  • Travel in style - Transport in luxury 4x4 SUV’s. Only 3 passengers per vehicle.
  • Tutoring by two highly experienced guides with over 400 days of experience photographing in Namibia.
  • Aerial Photography - 120 Minutes of doors-off aerial photography over the world’s highest dunes, from a helicopter.
  • Exclusivity - Small group of only 9 participants for maximum creative freedom.
  • Visiting in late summer - Good chance of thunderstorms, green grass and rainbows, without the extreme temperatures of high summer.
  • 3 Nights at Wolwedans - One of Africa’s best eco-lodges and unique, seldom photographed landscapes.
  • Spitzkoppe - Very few photographic tours visit this location because of the logistical challenges.

This page offers brief and condensed information on this tour. Please download the detailed PDF itinerary by clicking the blue download button to the right of this page.