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David Battensby said:

Namibia has been on my list of places to visit for a long time and I am so glad that I made it. In fact I have fallen in love with the place. Unbelievable scenery, it is a landscape photographer's dream location. This tour was my first foray into landscape photography having spent a good few years concentrating on wildlife. I am now well and truly hooked on landscape photography. The tour itself was well organised; Hougaard and Isak are the perfect hosts and teachers. Their combined knowledge of photography is remarkable, I learned a heck of a lot from them with their lectures that took place at regular intervals throughout the tour. I unreservedly recommend this tour to any photographer thinking of visiting Namibia. I have already signed up to do it all again 2018.

From Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom / Intimate Namibia 2017 Tour Tour

Testimonial (David Battensby)

Rick Workman said:

I have traveling and photographing for much of my life, but I consider this year's Intimate Namibia trip the experience of a lifetime. Namibia is a landscape photographer's dream - vibrant and varied. Isak and Hougaard made sure we were in the right place, at the right time, with the right light. Equally important, they had us prepared with the right equipment and worked with us individually in the field to help us get the captures we were after. In addition, their presentations throughout the trip were very well done and informative. I learned a great deal on the trip from being prepared, to composition and field technique to post processing. I can't recommend this trip strongly enough!

From Rockport, Texas, USA / Intimate Namibia 2017 Tour

Testimonial (Rick Workman)

Astrid & Jürg Blümel said:

I didn't want to go to Iceland... thought it would be barren, empty, boring and cold. How wrong I was ! Iceland is sensational ! We got northern lights, snow filled landscapes, ice caves, frozen waterfalls, and my favourite... the ice beach. Honest you can spend a week there, it never looks the same. Hougaard & Isak were fun to be with and great and patient teachers, even our lightroom skill improved during bad weather days. Anybody can read about composition, know it all in theory, but it's different, standing there, having someone tell you to move one meter to the left, or get lower, change your settings just a little...and suddenly you have not just a nice, but a brilliant photo. Thank you guys, see you on our next trip !

From Switzerland / Iceland 2016 Tour

Testimonial (Astrid & Jürg Blümel)

Nev and Viv Bryant said:

Viv and I first travelled with Hougaard when he was the guest landscape specialist photographer for the southern part of a trip we did to Namibia in 2015 with C4/Iconic Images. We were both impressed with his technical knowledge of cameras, his composition of images, post processing skills and his ability to make things happen so everyone achieves excellent images. Before we had even completed that trip we committed to join him in Jan 2016 for a trip to Iceland. Once again this was an excellent trip where he managed the challenges of the weather to ensure we had the best experiences available and maximised the time in the field. His eye for composition and reading the sun and clouds to get the best shots really paid off. We have further committed to travel with Hougaard and C4 to Patagonia in March 2017. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

From Perth, Australia / Namibia 2015 and Iceland 2016 Tour

Testimonial (Nev and Viv Bryant)

Al Aviles said:

I have been on many photo tours over the years, but my 2016 trip to Namibia with Hougaard was one of the very best. Apart from his skill as a landscape photographer and his intimate knowledge of the extraordinary environs of Namibia, he was a fabulous instructor and host. He bent over backwards to accommodate all of us and his dedication to providing everyone with the best possible experience was abundantly evident from the beginning. There is a good reason why Namibia is on the bucket list of many landscape photographers and Hougaard helps ensure that you make the most of what, for many, will be a once in a lifetime experience.

From New York city / Namibia 2016 Tour

Testimonial (Al Aviles)

Roger Pool said:

During my tour with Hougaard to Namibia last year, I had a remarkable experience. The trip was extremely well organized, but most importantly Hougaard expertly navigated us to the best spots and most interesting weather. He allowed us plenty of time to “work” an area, and provided continuing suggestions on what, where and how to shoot for the maximum image experience. (He even managed to ford a river created by a flash flood!) Hougaard’s knowledge of the area is complete, not just for the photography but also of the cultural and historical information that broadens any trip. Always convivial and helpful, Hougaard was the perfect leader on a wonderful trip. No one should miss the opportunity to accompany him on any of his marvelous trips.

Testimonial (Roger Pool)

Kris Delcourte said:

I participated to the 8-day workshop "Namib Desert and Landscape in April 2014" lead by Hougaard. I had been to Namibia before, but was attracted by the idea to go during the end-of-the-rainy-season period to capture some dramatic skies. In addition there was the main advantage of spending several days at three of the most photogenic places on Earth lead by professional photographer Hougaard. I was very pleased that I took this decision. Hougaard gave excellent guidelines of how to improve my composition. He knows perfectly the spots and brought us to the right places to capture the best light of the day. Hougaard foresees time at the workshop to provide feedback on the pictures and to improve my processing techniques which I am still using today. My pictures made at this Namibia workshop received excellent feedback, were selected for a book, for a calendar and are hits on photography web sites. I can strongly recommend this workshop!

Barbara Ingram said:

Namibia is the most marvellous and different destination for a photography workshop and Hougaard gets you to the right place at the right time for great pictures. He even manages to conjure up amazing skies too! I definitely recommend this workshop.

Dave & Barbara Gordon said:

Our first trip with Hougaard was to Namibia visiting Luderitz (Kolmanskop), Namib Rand and Sossusvlei and what great fun and photo opportunities we enjoyed. Hougaard is an excellent and skilled photo host. He very definitely puts his clients first with first rate advice and encouragement. An added bonus was the interesting and like minded people we photographed with, an American, a Zambian and a Belgian. We enjoyed the whole experience so much that we didn't hesitate to attend a Capture Earth Overberg trip based at Arniston. Again Hougaard was the inspirational host. We recommend Hougaard's outings with confidence.

Testimonial (Dave & Barbara Gordon)

David Vaney said:

'Desert Storm', the11-day photographic safari led by Hougaard Malan in Namibia, was both my introduction to Africa and my first landscape photography workshop; it was an unqualified success on both counts. It was a boutique luxury tour with only six guests travelling in two comfortable Land Rovers. The organisation of the tour was impeccable, from both logistical and photographic perspectives. But beyond that, the tour was so memorable because of the entertaining people whose company I shared. Apart from our common enthusiasm for top-level photography, we all had different life stories that were interesting and instructive, truly making the tour a multicultural experience.

Testimonial (David Vaney)

Gideon Malherbe said:

I attended the Desert Storm, March 2015 tour with Hougaard. It was an absolutely fantastic experience! The locations were just perfect and presented in a very professional way by Hougaard. He knows the area like the back of his hand, and exactly where to get the best shots. He guided the group all the way, from getting to the exact right spot (on time every day); composing the shots, up to the point of releasing the shutter! We had the choice of no or little guidance, or full assistance, according to our level of expertise, and Hougaard accommodated us all. Hougaard's excellent eye and knowledge on all things photography and post processing are amazing. I learnt a lot, and I give him and CapturEarth Tours my highest recommendation!

Testimonial (Gideon Malherbe)

Stuart Kelly said:

Thanks Paul and CapturEarth for a memorable workshop. I learned a lot, Paul presents the theory in a very practical way, making it real, and within grasp of a hobbyist like myself. Waking up before dawn and hiking into the mountains to experience the landscapes of nature, is one of the things I enjoy the most, and it was a treat to be able to share it with a wonderful group. Apart from Paul’s photographic guidance and directions to some truly beautiful locations, the group was lucky to have some excellent photographer's taking part who were generous enough to share some of their work with additional presentations and audio visuals. I feel very fortunate to have been on the workshop and have an abundance of inspiration from it.

Testimonial (Stuart Kelly)

Ohan Smit said:

The Blyde River Canyon workshop was my very first workshop. It was a very well put together workshop. The locations involved where spectacular and everybody who joined the workshop had a very optimistic and positive attitude. Thanks to Capture Earth and Des Jacobs for hosting a unforgettable experience in the Blyde River Canyon.

Testimonial (Ohan Smit)

Riana van der Gryp said:

I am very fortunate to have had the chance to attend a couple of Hougaard's workshops with my husband at Sossusvlei Namibia, Hole in the WalI Eastern Cape, Swellendam/Arniston Western Cape, as well as private lessons in advanced photoshop. It is well worth the time and effort as we learned so much, met some great like minded people and came away better photographers. Hougaard is a great guy, teacher and a world class photographer who brings much to the art of landscape photography. We confirmed our booking for his photographic workshop in Italy during May 2014.

Bruce Molzen said:

I recently returned from the 'Colours of the Overberg' course held in Arniston; I had previously attended a seascape course with Hougaard Malan but this was the first time I had met Paul Bruins. The two are a wonderful combination - Hougaard's attention to detail coupled with Paul's boundless enthusiasm for photography ensure that you come away both educated and enthused. I had a great time. Oh yes . . . I can recommend the breakfasts at the Arniston Hotel too!

Bessie Vermeulen said:

I just love photography. This form of art has taken me to various places and I have had the privilege to meet many tutors. Photography is embedded in a matrix of knowledge on the technical aspects of the camera and the processing of that image. A special mentor is needed to open your eyes to the beauty of light and composition, to teach you to wait for the perfect moment, to seek the perfect relation between shutterspeed,aperture and ISO. To know exactly what you want from a shot. Hougaard and Paul have the knowledge, experience and passion to teach all of the above. A workshop that has given a new dimension to my photography.

Paul Knipe said:

I had the privilege of attending CapturEarth's first workshop, Colours of the Overberg, which was held in Arniston for 3 days and hosted by Paul and Hougaard. To gain so much of their hard earned knowledge in such a short space of time was invaluable. Their passion and dedication to the art of landscape photography is very evident and inspirational. I now understand what it takes to create the image you want. Do yourself a favour and attend a workshop by these two masters!

Keith Ingle said:

I used to just think I was a guy who could take a few good photos. I was self taught and had only learnt through trial and error (a lot of error). One evening a friend recommended I go to one of Hougaard's workshops. So I went to a two day Seascape/Landscape. My photography has only gone one way, upwards. A friendly, highly knowledgeable Hougaard has given me a base for my landscape photography that I was no where near, and now my ability to see beauty, and more importantly capture that beauty. The downside to that workshop...I now want to spend even more money on gear, new cameras and a new laptop...So worth with

David Burstein said:

I travelled with Hougaard to Mpumalanga, to capture the many moods of the Blyde River Canyon. Throughout the trip, he was an attentive host, full of interesting anecdotes and photographic knowledge. As an experienced photographer, I benefitted from his artistic insight, and excellent eye, as well as from his post production(Photoshop) prowess. His local knowledge and connections proved invaluable, helping our group get to places that would normally be inaccessible. He’s a great host - easy going, with a dry sense of humour. Oh, and he makes a mean braaivleis (BBQ).