As a professional landscape photographer and a gear-nerd of note, I have a passion for photographic equipment that simply works. Over the course of ten years spent working as a landscape photographer, I have tried many products in search of the best. Like everyone else, I started out at the bottom of the price range and experienced years of discontent, problems and bad images as a result of poorly designed equipment. Over time, I slowly moved up to the higher end products as my budget allowed it. While budget was obviously a constraint, a significant factor was the lack of knowledge as to what exactly was considered the best photographic equipment and accessories.  I had to find out from other gear-nerds what the go-to products are and where to source them.

I get countless aspiring photographers on tours and workshops every year and it sickens me to see them spend good money on bad or unnecessary products. The large photo retailers prioritise their product range by margin instead of quality and value. They sell things to people that they really don’t need, because their salespeople don’t understand the product they’re selling.

This inspired me to create an online shop that sells a highly curated selection of only the best products, combined with sensible easy-to-read advice that explains why a product is the best and which models are suited to whom. All stock is warehoused in Cape Town and our target market is obviously Southern Africa, but we also regularly take products along for clients going on tour with us to international destinations. A constantly declining South African Rand makes our prices attractive to the international market.

To see more, visit www.landscapegear.co.za

LANDSCAPEGEAR.CO.ZA is an online shop aimed at the Southern African market, but we are always happy to help out international customers as well.